Darkstar: The Interactive Movie

Darkstar: The Interactive MovieDarkstar: The Interactive Movie is an interactive movie video game written, produced, edited, animated, and directed by J. Allen Williams, owner of the American animation studio Parallax Studio. It features actor Clive Robertson, the entire original cast of Mystery Science Theater 3000, animations by the prolific comic book artist Richard Corben, and the final work of actor Peter Graves who narrated the game. Darkstar was released online November 5, 2010 through the Darkstar website and as a downloadable through Strategy First. It was re-released in stores December 9, 2011 in the United Kingdom and Ireland through Lace Mamba Global. Детальніше...

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Darkstar: The Interactive Movie - Gameplay 2

Darkstar: The Interactive Movie by Parallax Studio Walkthrough part 2.

DARKSTAR: The Interactive Movie trailer

More info on this game: http://www.adventuregamers.com/gameinfo.php?id=1795 In this tale of murder and deception with nothing less than the fate of humanity at ...

Darkstar: The Interactive Movie (1st hour part 1) - Wakened From Cryogenic Sleep -

Adventure game by Parallax Studio (2010) Buy the game here at http://www.darkstarstore.com/