MX-80MX-80 is an eclectic art-metal-rock band founded in 1974 in Bloomington, Indiana by guitarist Bruce Anderson. Considered “one of the most out of step but prescient bands of its time," MX-80’s signature sound consisted of breakneck metallic guitar combined with atonal chord structure, cross-rhythmic percussion and dispassionate vocals. Notoriously difficult to categorize—the band has been labeled noise rock, post-punk, acid punk, and heavy-metal—MX-80’s sonic melange set the stage for bands such as Swans, Sonic Youth, Codeine, and Shellac. Детальніше...

MX-80 Пісня

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MX-80 Пісня

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Mx-80 Sound - Why Are We Here

A great post punk band from Indiana, This track is taken from the "Crowd Control" LP released in 1981.

MX-80 Sound - WTIU TV, Bloomington, Indiana January 1978

A recently-rediscovered 13-minute performance/interview piece for local Bloomington, Indiana TV, broadcast in January of 1978. Host Michael Bourne reports ...

MX-80 Sound - Someday You'll be King

Post-Punk FTW.